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Details of LonWorks Network Variables



Locations Where Neuron ID is Applied



Panel Diagram


LonWorks is a registered trademark of the Echelon Corporation.




1. LonWorks Interface Overview
Product Overview

Applicable Models

This interface is a communications interface for connecting
LonWorks to an air conditioner unit (PAC, GHP) control
From the host connected to LonWorks, basic settings and
status monitoring is possible for up to 16 groups of A/C units.


R22 & R407C Type
R410A Type

System Diagram


communication line

LonWorks Interface

Indoor/outdoor unit
control line

 Up to 16 groups of indoor units (maximum 64 units) can be controlled with 1 LonWorks Interface unit.
For 17 or more groups of indoor units, connect additional interface units.
 Install a remote controller (or system controller, etc.), which can control the A/C units, to an indoor/outdoor
unit line other than the LonWorks Interface unit.
 Before making the connection to the LonWorks Interface unit, set the central control addresses in th Bedienungsanleitung Technibel climatisation K70D049Z
e indoor units. 2 Functions Start/stop A/C unit settings from the LonWorks Settings for each group of indoor units Temp. setting(*1) Operation mode Option 1 settings(*2) Option 2 settings(*2) Settings for all units Emergency stop Start/stop Temp. setting A/C unit status notifications made to the LonWorks Operation mode Option 1 settings(*2) Option 2 settings(*2) Alarm status(*3) Indoor units with active alarms(*4) Room temp(*5) A/C unit status(*6) Transmission interval settings(*7) Configuration properties Minimum time secured for transmission(*8) (*1) When a temperature above the upper limit of the temperature which can be set by the indoor units has been specified, it will be set to the upper limit; conversely, when a temperature below the lower limit has been specified, it will be set to the lower limit. (*2) Two options can be selected using the setting switch from among remote-controller prohibit, fan speed setting, air direction setting and filter sign. (*3) When indoor units are under group control, an alarm is determined to have occurred when the alarm occurs at one or more of the units. (*4) The number of the indoor unit at which the alarm has occurred is notified. This makes it possible to identify at which indoor unit of the indoor unit group the alarm has occurred. (*5) When indoor units are under group control, the room temperature of the main unit in the group is notified. (*6) When an alarm occurs at one or more indoor units, the alarm code is noti
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