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Improving the

Extend the FM wire antenna fully to
increase reception sensitivity.
AM(MW)/LW:Rotate the unit horizontally for
optimum reception. A ferrite bar is
built in to the unit.
Do not operate the unit over a steel
desk or metal surface, as this may
lead to interference of reception.

Presetting Your
Favorite Station

The radio or buzzer turns off but will
automatically come on again after about 10
minutes. Every time you press SNOOZE/SLEEP
OFF, the snooze time changes as follows:




The display shows the snooze time for a few
seconds and returns to show the current time.
When you press SNOOZE/SLEEP OFF after the
current time appeared, the snooze time starts from
10 minutes again.

You can preset up to 10 stations in FM (5 stations in
FM1, 5 stations in FM2), and 5 stations in each AM,

Press OFF·ALARM RESET to turn off the alarm.
The alarm will come on again at the same time the
next day.

Presetting a Station
1 Follow steps 1 to 4 in "Operating the

To Deactivate the Alarm

Radio" and manually tune in to the
station  Bedienungsanleitung Sony ICF-C143
you wish to preset. Hold down the preset button you wish to preset for more than 2 seconds. Example: Display window when you set FM 90 MHz in the PRESET TUNING 2 button for FM2. Press ALARM MODE repeatedly so that " A and " B BUZZER " go off. " flash on " stop To preset another station, repeat these steps. To change the preset station, tune in to the desired station and hold down the PRESET TUNING 1 to 5 button. The new station will replace the previous station on the preset button. Tuning in to a Preset Station 1 Press RADIO ON·SLEEP to turn on the 2 3 4 radio. Press BAND to select the band. Press the desired preset button. Adjust the volume using VOLUME. After a few seconds, the display will return to the current time but the preset button number will remain. Note Holding down the desired PRESET TUNING button for more than a few seconds in step 3 will replace the previous station on the PRESET TUNING button with the station you tuned in to. VOLUME Display window* (12-hour system) Ecran d'affichage* (système par 12 heures) Display* (12-Stunden-Format) * The display differs depending on your country. * L'affichage diffère selon votre pays. * Die Anzeige hängt vom jeweiligen Land ab. Notes · The factory setting alarm time for radio (ALARM A) and buzzer (ALARM B) is "AM 12:00" or "0:00". · If you quit during the alarm setting, after about 65 seconds the previous display will return. To Set the Radio Alarm (ALARM A) 1 Press A RADIO·ALARM SET for a few seconds until a b
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