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Bedienungsanleitung Ibanez RU10 Tuner Manual


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Functions and Features

Slide the POWER ON/OFF switch to turn the power on.
Press the TUNER button to enter TUNER mode.
In this mode, the RU10 functions as a chromatic tuner.
Connect the output of your instrument to the input jack. You
can choose PITCH or FLAT by the FUNCTION button and use
buttons to change the settings. When you turn on the
power, the RU10 is automatically set to PITCH=440 Hz. By using
the built-in microphone, you can also tune an acoustic guitar or
similar instrument.
If the pitch of your instrument is more than 50 cents away from
the correct pitch, tune your instrument until the correct note name
appears in the LCD and one of the guideline LEDs is lit. If the
pitch is within 50 cents of the correct pitch, watch the meter and
tune your instrument so that the needle stops at the "0" position.
When the needle stops at "0" and the center LED is lit, your
instrument is tuned correctly.
 Tuning by sound
When you press the SOUND button, the NOTE will indicate "A"
and the note "A" will sound.
As necessary, use the FUNCTION button and the
buttons to c Ibanez RU10 Tuner
hange the NOTE and/or FLAT settings to the desired note, and tune your instrument. [METRONOME] Slide the POWER ON/OFF button to turn the power on. Press the MODE button to enter METRONOME mode. In this mode the RU10 functions as a metronome. You can use the FUNCTION button and buttons to change the BEAT, TEMPO, TAP, and RHYTHM settings. BEAT setting to Use the FUNCTION button to select BEAT, and use select a beat (time signature) in the range of 0 ~7 beats. TEMPO setting Use the FUNCTION button to select TEMPO, and use to adjust the tempo in the range of 40 ~ 208. TAP setting Use the FUNCTION button to select TAP. Then press the button several times to get the desired tempo. The RU10 will detect the tempo and display it. If the detected tempo is less than 40, the display will indicate "LO". If it is 209 or higher, the display will indicate "HI". RHYTHM setting Use the FUNCTION button to select RHYTHM, and use button to select the desired rhythm. 1 POWER Slide the POWER switch to turn ON/OFF. 2 VOLUME Controls the volume of Tuner, Metronome, Rhythm Play and AUX Input. 3 GAIN Use this to adjust the amount of distortion. By turning clockwise all the way till it clicks, you will be able to turn off the built-in distortion effect. 4 LEVEL Use this knob to adjust the level of guitar sound independently from the level of METRONOME or RHYTHM PATTERN. [RHYTHM PLAY] Slide the POWER ON/OFF button to turn the power on. Press the MODE button to enter RHYTHM PLAY mode. In this mode y
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